Software Review: Vidify for iPhone

Software Review: Vidify for iPhone

Vidify for iPhone is wonderfully useful automatic video editor for iPhone. At the heart of Vidify is the ability to take several different short video clips and edit them into one professional looking video. Instead of editing the selected clips in your photo library into one continues movie, Vidify uses a proprietary algorithm to take the selected video clips and spread them randomly into one final video. The App’s settings allow for some user input in how the video is put together. The user is able to choose the length of the video, how fast the editing process takes, the inclusion of fades & cross dissolves and the video resolution. The user has the ability to choose color filter effects which include B&W, Sepia, and Warming Filter.  The user can choose from the stock music library or from music residing … Read more

Software Review: Perian, a Swiss-Army Knife for Video

During the February 1st, 2010 Mac Geek Gab Podcast cool stuff found segment, John and Dave talked about Perian.  Perian is the self proclaimed Swiss-Army Knife for Quick Time.  As the site states: “Perian is a free, open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats.” As a OS X user I get emails from family members with video, that most often will not play in Quick Time, until no. Previously I had been using the plugin, Flip4Mac, but a small number of video files still failed to play.  After installing Perian, many file formats became available via Quick Time. The best part about Perian is that it is free and is compatible with Quick Time and Quick Time X.

Software Review: Evom, a VisualHub Replacement?

One of my all time favorite OS X third party applications was Techspansion’s VisualHub. It was able to covert a video file into many different file formats. However, the developer decided to call it quits back in 2008 and though the utility is still useable there has not been an update since that time. Finally, after a few years a candidate to replace VisualHub has emerged. The fine folks over at The Little App Factory have developed Evom. Best of all it is free! Evom is able to convert video files into several file formats including Apple TV, iPod, HTML5, YouTube, Flash, AVI and many more. Like many people, if you have lost the ability to make VisualHub work or are new to OS X, please give Evom a try.