Random Reason for Not Switching to a Verizon iPhone, Yet

So when the iPhone 4 was announced to be coming to Verizon, the only real question left unanswered would be how much a contract with Verizon would cost. With AT&T you are required to have a data plan. The plan originally was for unlimited data at $30 a month, but last year AT&T moved to 200MB for $15 and 2GB for $25. Personally I have had an iPhone for a while and have never used mored than 859MB in one month, but still feel secure with the unlimited plan. Verizon does offer the $30 unlimited plan and a $15 plan for 150MB. Without saying anything I believe that Verizon will simply offer the same plan it offers for its current line up of smart phones. What is not known is if Verizon will walk down the same path as AT&T … Read more

My Apple Life

In his editor’s note in the March 2010 edition of Macworld, Jason Snell penned a great quote “ The entire point of Apple’s products is that they are not interchangeable with anybody else’s. Only one company makes Macs, iPhones, and iPods, and that’s Apple.” That statement was never more truer then after last nights experience I had trying to hack my Apple TV with Boxee. The hack ended up rendering my Apple TV useless, leading me to  a factory restore (hold down the menu button and the minus button at the same time until it reboots). In the past I loved to tinker with computer related equipment and normally the Boxee hack would have proceed, that was until I purchased my first Mac back in 2006. You see I have swallowed the Apple Kool-Aid and like a cold glass of … Read more

The iPad Announcement tagged “Explicit”

In downloading the January 27th, 2010 Apple iPad Keynote this weekend, I noticed that the show was tagged “Explicit”.   In watching the podcast, I didn’t see much in the way that would garner the Keynote the tag.   I decided it must have been the fact that the iPad caused many bad words to come from Amazon and Sony.   Possibly back at Big Red (Verizon) they were shouting many bad words about how they failed to score the 3G contract for the latest Apple device.  Maybe Bill Gates let out some bad words related to “why the BAD WORD are we wasting time on the Zune and not creating this”.  Anyway you look at it, the iPad and more importantly the Keynote may have garnered it the “Explicit” tag due to all the BAD WORDS coming out of … Read more

Verizon Wireless cell phone hell

Greetings, the month of May has been very long. I am currently on vacation for a week. The weather has finally changed and changed again, and for good measure changed again. My biggest issue this month has been my cell phone provider. Since most if not all of my family uses the same carrier, my dreams of getting the prized iPhone are on hold once again (that may be a blessing). I took a chance earlier this month on the LG Voyager, but alas Verizon wants and arm and a leg for the features it provides, which are part of the basic package with AT&T and the iPhone. That may explain why Apple went with AT&T. Anyway bottom line I exchanged the Voyager for an LG enV2. It is nice phone and serves its purpose. Meanwhile I got an LG … Read more