Apple’s iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Review

In December 2015 Apple debuted its iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.  Originally I thought the design wasn’t good and at the price was not the best use of my cash flow.  There was also a video by Unbox Theory the helped seal my decision.

Fast forward to this past March 2016 and I decided to give the Smart Battery Case a two-week trial run.  Spoiler alert its now April 2016 and I am still using the case.  Let me get straight to the point, which are my likes and dislikes.


  • Obviously having the ability to extend battery life is nice. My first few days I found that I didn’t need to charge the case and iPhone for a couple of days.
  • Based on the above I turned on more of iOS’ features that I typically turn off, which does make having an iPhone more pleasurable.  This did result in the case running out of power before the end of the day.
  • The speaker and microphone position really boosted the sound both in and out. Using the iPhone without the case I find that I miss the change in sound position.
  • The case is well built and I can grip the case well. Other than the battery bump the case is no different than the silicon case Apple sells.
  • The Control Center Battery Widget is unique to battery cases and helps to know if and when you should charge.
  • The lightning connector means I didn’t have to buy a different cable. Nothing worse then having to change out all your cables for your gear.


  • The Smart Battery Case picks up dust and lint pretty easily.
  • The extra battery adds some weight, which is noticeable.
  • The case effects signal strength and I am not sure why. I’ve never had an issue with a case degrading the signal, but the Smart Case does.
  • The case isn’t as appealing design on the eyes. Its almost like Apple said to itself, we need to make some margin so let’s make a battery case quickly.
  • The case is $99.00 US, but it is Apple after all.

smartbatteryMy preference for my phone would be not to have a case at all and to have better battery life.  I fully believe Apple could design an iPhone that could have both, but I am not sure that fits Jony Ive’s mantra of smaller and thinner.

Though there were a number of dislikes I decided to keep the case.  I use the case Monday through Friday, but on the weekends I free it from its battery bumped shell.    If you are looking for better battery and unleash your iPhone’s full capability, then this is pretty good way to go. The case comes with Apple’s standard 1-year warranty and a month in it is holding up like the day I bought it.   In the end I believe it is worth the money and worth having enough battery to get through a normal day.