The Pearl Jam Ten Album Re-Release, A Must Have

What a great day, I finally got my hands on the Peal Jam Ten Deluxe Re-Release consisting of 2 CD’s and 1 DVD from Best Buy for the sale price of $27.99. The first CD is the re-release of 1991’s Ten album. All I can say is I have a fresh off the press copy of one of the first CD’s I ever owned.

The second CD is the remaster of the Ten album with some previously unreleased songs. I have taken a listen to all 17 songs at least twice today and wow what an experience. ten-reduxI was blown away with the changes, most notably “Breath and Scream” and “State of Love and Trust”. Both songs appeared on the Singles Movie Soundtrack, but Eddie and the guys really mixed things up and made these songs shine.

Two songs I had never heard “2,000 Miles Blues” and “Evil Little Goat” did not match the level of the rest of the album. “Just A Girl” and “Brother” are songs I have had in my collection for some time. ” Brother” was previously released on Lost Dogs 2 disc set and “Just A Girl” is a song that is one, let us say came to me via the Internet long ago.

The DVD is of the footage from the 1992 MTV Unplugged Performance. Though I have had a copy of the audio of the show for some time (see above) it was shocking to see Eddie, Stone, Jeff, and Mike so young, with the long hair, the “green” look in their eye and having fun and playing music.  It was a far cry from the band that would afterward protest things such as music videos on MTV and Ticketmaster.

If your a Pearl Jam fan the Deluxe set is a must have, if your a crazy obsessed Pearl Jam fan, then the Super Deluxe set, which includes the Vinyl versions of the CD’s and some other collectors items, is a must have. Either way this was a great day for Pearl Jam fans and the Band. Oh, as a special bonus if your a RockBand owner, you get 3 free Pearl Jam songs.  Good Times!!!