Delete Junk Message When in Mail App

Not sure why Yahoo Mail doesn’t allow you to block spam in IMAP, but in OS X’s Mail App you can set the preferences to delete spam upon closing Mail App.

With the Mail App open select Preferences, then highlight the account and choose Mailbox Behaviors and under the Junk option select “Delete junk messages when: Quitting Mail”

Once you close out of Mail App the Junk messages will delete. You can use this setting with other email providers. I use it also have set this in  iCloud.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.52.53 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.52.32 PM


Regain Access to the Previous Version of Disk Utility in El Capitan

diskutilityiconDo you miss the interface and features of Disk Utility prior to OS X El Capitan? Well, I found a way to get back to it (sort of), but it was by dumb luck. While trying to fix my install of OS X El Capitan. I had erased the hard drive using Disk Utility via the Recover Partition. I then decided to reboot, which of course did not bring up an OS. I then attempted to boot into the Recovery Partition (CMD + R) again.

Upon the successful reboot I was in a version of OS X Mavericks, which then to my surprise showed the version of Disk Utility I had missed since upgrading to El Capitan. I am not completely sure why the Mavericks Recovery Partition came up, but it was a nice discovery.

MacAppStoreI then started to think, if I had a USB install disc of a prior version of OS X I could launch that version’s Disk Utility and regain the features that are now missing in El Capitan. To download a copy of a previous version of OS X simply open the Mac App Store, Click on Purchased and download the version of choice.

Next make a Bootable USB install disc. I decided to make one for OS X Yosemite.  The instructions to create such a disc are as follows:

1. Format an 8GB or larger USB thumb drive using Disk Utility.  The drive name should be Untitled.
2. Open the Terminal App and type sudo /Applications/Install OS X –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X –nointeraction

For detailed instructions I recommend the OSXDaily article, How to Make an OS X Yosemite Boot Installer USB Drive by Paul Horowitz

After the boot disc is completed restart your Mac, hold the option/alt key, select the newly built Yosemite USB disc and choose Disc Utility upon boot.  Its not simple, but at least you can get the old interface back and use the features that have been missing.  To get a list check out 6 Disk Utility Changes in El Captain via Computer World.

Right Size Columns in OS X’s Finder

When using column view in Finder some names of files are longer than the given space.  An easy way to view the full name is to right size the column.  When you right click on the column handle you are given 3 options.

  • Right Size This Column – This option makes the most recent column the width of the longest name in the column.
  • Right Size All Columns Individually –  This option makes each individual column the size of the longest name in the column.
  • Right Size All Columns Equally – This option makes each column the widest length on each column.

iChat with Facebook Friends

I am not very fond of using browser based applications to chat with friends and family over the web.  In chatting with my Facebook family and friends, which most of whom are not OS X users, I found the Facebook user interface to be poor.

An alternative presented itself in the form of OS X’s iChat program.  As of February 2010 iChat users gained access to create a generic Jabber account to chat with Facebook users as a result of Facebook’s chat being powered by Jabber/XMPP.

To set up iChat to interface with Facebook follow these steps.

  1. Open iChat
  2. Click on Preferences and go to the Account Tab
  3. Click on the plus sign and add a new account
  4. Select a Jabber account from the Drop Down Menu
  5. Enter the following  (Your user name can be found via Facebook’s Account settings page.)
  6. Enter your password
  7. Finally in the server box type “,” then configure the port to 5222 and make sure to un-check the box for “Use SSL.”

From there sign-in and start chatting away with your Facebook friends.  Please note several third party applications on both Mac and PC support this feature as well.

My Apple Life

In his editor’s note in the March 2010 edition of Macworld, Jason Snell penned a great quote

“ The entire point of Apple’s products is that they are not interchangeable with anybody else’s. Only one company makes Macs, iPhones, and iPods, and that’s Apple.”

That statement was never more truer then after last nights experience I had trying to hack my Apple TV with Boxee. The hack ended up rendering my Apple TV useless, leading me to  a factory restore (hold down the menu button and the minus button at the same time until it reboots). In the past I loved to tinker with computer related equipment and normally the Boxee hack would have proceed, that was until I purchased my first Mac back in 2006.

You see I have swallowed the Apple Kool-Aid and like a cold glass of Grape, with a little extra sugar, its fantastic. I own a iMac, a MacBook, a iPhone, a Apple TV and several iPods. I would eventually love to own an iPad.

The geek in me loves new gadgets and over the last few years my gadgets have centered around Apple. All my Apple devices work with each other without any issues and the software is top notch. I have run 3 versions of OS X as a Mac user. I enjoy the community of MacHeads as they are simply head and shoulders above the rest.

Back In January in an attempt to get back to my tinkering ways, I purchased an HTC Droid Eris. Though I thought it was a great phone for the price it just didn’t fit my Apple lifestyle, and as Jason stated, it just wasn’t “interchangeable” with Apple. Not only that the Android community was not up to the challenge like my fellow MacHeads. So I took the phone back to Verizon Wireless and purchased an iPhone, ending my 12 plus year relationship with Big Red.

As a side note I later came across an article in the March 2010 issue of MacLife that listed the 10 steps in which you could sync your Android phone with a Mac. Yes ten steps to match the one you complete with an iPhone and iTunes. Not this is not the 10 steps upon set up but rather the ten steps each time. Setting up an iPhone takes a few steps at first but after that is is simply one step. Best of all I don’t have to tell the iPhone to mount on my Mac like an Android phone.

When it comes to my Apple products its like what Steve Job’s says “it just works.” Yes they all just work and that is alright by me. Now that may not be for everyone. At times I wish Apple would do a little more, but I don’t complain. Typically search google and find the third party app that will do what I am looking for.

I also love my OS X software that I have purchased over the years, and iTunes had been the go to app for me since I first used it on the Windows side. I still work in a Windows environment during the day and its in an operating system (XP) that is nearly 10 years old. It is safe to say it is an operating system that has gone past its recommended shelf life. Like an old gallon of milk, it needs to be thrown away. After a week at work its nice to come home and work with my Apple gadgets and delve into my Mac Life.

The Mac lifestyle has been good to me and I for one am satisfied living in my Apple Lifestyle.