Basic Mac Troubleshooting Steps

A local member of the Mac User Group I belong was having an issue with his MacBook Pro. The issue was unique and it spawned the idea to share my basic troubleshooting steps I take when my Mac starts acting strange. My first response to his request was to see if the model had a recall on it. Here is a list of current products sold by Apple with recalls. If that is not the issue the standard reset the PRAM/NVRAM, SMC (System Management Controller) Reset and starting in Safe Mode are my next steps. PRAM/NVRAM: SMC Reset: Safe Mode: All of the above explain things that each try to troubleshoot/resolve. I find these are helpful. My next step in troubleshooting this issue would be to create a new user account on the mac. Below are … Read more

Another Successful Genius Bar Visit

I love having an Apple Store in Boise, Idaho.  Unlike the local Mac Reseller, I am able to get issues resolved locally without having to have my iThing sent out to Apple.  Most recently my Wife’s iPod Touch had started to freeze up when playing a game of Angry Birds, viewing an email and playing songs.   I took the device into the local Apple Store.  They recommened I restore the device and see what happens.  After a week and after the restore the problem still persisited.  I took the device back into Apple and was promptly given a replacement at no cost. AppleCare of course is a must for all devices and in this case saved the day.  No issues since the replacement.  The Genius Bar people were great.  I made a few jokes about the Red Apple shirts … Read more