Regain Access to the Previous Version of Disk Utility in El Capitan

diskutilityiconDo you miss the interface and features of Disk Utility prior to OS X El Capitan? Well, I found a way to get back to it (sort of), but it was by dumb luck. While trying to fix my install of OS X El Capitan. I had erased the hard drive using Disk Utility via the Recover Partition. I then decided to reboot, which of course did not bring up an OS. I then attempted to boot into the Recovery Partition (CMD + R) again.

Upon the successful reboot I was in a version of OS X Mavericks, which then to my surprise showed the version of Disk Utility I had missed since upgrading to El Capitan. I am not completely sure why the Mavericks Recovery Partition came up, but it was a nice discovery.

MacAppStoreI then started to think, if I had a USB install disc of a prior version of OS X I could launch that version’s Disk Utility and regain the features that are now missing in El Capitan. To download a copy of a previous version of OS X simply open the Mac App Store, Click on Purchased and download the version of choice.

Next make a Bootable USB install disc. I decided to make one for OS X Yosemite.  The instructions to create such a disc are as follows:

1. Format an 8GB or larger USB thumb drive using Disk Utility.  The drive name should be Untitled.
2. Open the Terminal App and type sudo /Applications/Install OS X –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X –nointeraction

For detailed instructions I recommend the OSXDaily article, How to Make an OS X Yosemite Boot Installer USB Drive by Paul Horowitz

After the boot disc is completed restart your Mac, hold the option/alt key, select the newly built Yosemite USB disc and choose Disc Utility upon boot.  Its not simple, but at least you can get the old interface back and use the features that have been missing.  To get a list check out 6 Disk Utility Changes in El Captain via Computer World.