Random Reason for Not Switching to a Verizon iPhone, Yet

So when the iPhone 4 was announced to be coming to Verizon, the only real question left unanswered would be how much a contract with Verizon would cost. With AT&T you are required to have a data plan. The plan originally was for unlimited data at $30 a month, but last year AT&T moved to 200MB for $15 and 2GB for $25. Personally I have had an iPhone for a while and have never used mored than 859MB in one month, but still feel secure with the unlimited plan. Verizon does offer the $30 unlimited plan and a $15 plan for 150MB.

Without saying anything I believe that Verizon will simply offer the same plan it offers for its current line up of smart phones. What is not known is if Verizon will walk down the same path as AT&T did when it first debuted the iPhone on its network or if Verizon will try to save its network gridlock by limiting plans for iPhone customers.

At this point Verizon has many people guessing. As I had mention above having unlimited data makes me feel safe and thus by Verizon not providing details at this time is another random reason for not switching to Verizon at this time.  Until then you’re welcome Verizon, it was worth the wait.



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