Basic Mac Troubleshooting Steps

A local member of the Mac User Group I belong was having an issue with his MacBook Pro. The issue was unique and it spawned the idea to share my basic troubleshooting steps I take when my Mac starts acting strange. My first response to his request was to see if the model had a recall on it. Here is a list of current products sold by Apple with recalls. If
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iPhone 7 Bluetooth Audio Stutter Problem

In September 2016, I purchased and iPhone 7 plus. Originally, I had purchased an iPhone 7 as the iPhone 7 plus was out of stock. I have iPhone 7 launch story, one that taught me that I would not waste any more time pre ordering an iPhone. That, however, is not the reason I write this today. My reasons for writing today are related to the Bluetooth “audio stutter” issue
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Delete Junk Message When in Mail App

Not sure why Yahoo Mail doesn’t allow you to block spam in IMAP, but in OS X’s Mail App you can set the preferences to delete spam upon closing Mail App. With the Mail App open select Preferences, then highlight the account and choose Mailbox Behaviors and under the Junk option select “Delete junk messages when: Quitting Mail” Once you close out of Mail App the Junk messages will delete. You can
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Apple’s iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Review

In December 2015 Apple debuted its iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.  Originally I thought the design wasn’t good and at the price was not the best use of my cash flow.  There was also a video by Unbox Theory the helped seal my decision. Fast forward to this past March 2016 and I decided to give the Smart Battery Case a two-week trial run.  Spoiler alert its now April 2016 and
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Regain Access to the Previous Version of Disk Utility in El Capitan

Do you miss the interface and features of Disk Utility prior to OS X El Capitan? Well, I found a way to get back to it (sort of), but it was by dumb luck. While trying to fix my install of OS X El Capitan. I had erased the hard drive using Disk Utility via the Recover Partition. I then decided to reboot, which of course did not bring up
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Well we went trick or treating. I did promise pictures and I took some but for some reason the program used to transfer the photos deleted them without transfering them. Needless to say I am a bit upset. Anyway Jessica was pretty cute. She went to a few houses and got some candy. Hopefully the still we took will be just as good. Talk to you later. Also take note I have added last years Christmas Videos. That is all I have so far. Maybe I will find some time to get so more home videos this winter with things coming to a crawl around here. Well Happy Halloween. Love JT, Steph, and Jessica

Don’t Be Fooled By Emails.

Have you ever gotten an email from your financial institution stating they need you to update your information such as a pin or account number. Well be for warned this is called Internet Phishing. An email’s looking for this information are everywhere. I have witnessed several thousands of dollars being taken from people because they thought it was an LEGIT web site. Number one rule is never reply to a message sent to you regarding your financial information needing to be updated. The Banks have that already!!! Any way read this article from the Computer Shopper “If It Smells Bad, It Must Be Phish. This article gives you a great idea of what to expect and please don’t be fooled.

Hey Its the new Spot

I decided to move the web page over here to test out this blog spot. It is free and has many different added features I like. Anyway Halloween weekend is coming up. Big plans Friday to go to the Boise State Broncos vs the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors live on ESPN 2 at 6:00pm. I will hope to get some shots of the game on the digital camera. Saturday we head off to birthday parties and trick or treating. Jessica will of course be going as Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles. The next-door neighbor has their house all decorated. I will get some pics of that as well. I believe they are hoping to go trick or treating on Sunday, but we will see. Shilo sent me this link to Give Bush A Brain Game so have fun.

Computer Tip of the Week

Recently Windows updated its service pack to SP2, for XP. For those users this was a great thing because it added the security center. With the security center it turned on Windows XP built in firewall, turned on Windows Automatic update and searched your OS for a virus scan. In addition to all this windows updated Internet Explorer. It added a pop up blocker and added Active X controls, a source of how Hackers can get into your system and spread computer worms. However, these steps may not be enough. The US-CERT a division of Homeland Security warns that web users should have an alternate web browser. I recently added Fire Fox web browser to surf the web and I am greatly impressed. The following are what I like the most. 1. Tabbed Browsing: if you haven’t tried it you … Read more