Another Week

Greetings everyone. Well the month is on its way again, can you believe it. I just wanted to check in with some news items. First off if you didn’t get the news, George W Bush won the presidential Election. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

In case you didn’t see this on October 28th, 2004 the Check 21 Law went into effect. If you didn’t know about this, just to let you know you can’t float checks any longer, but read the link.

Well we just signed on with verizon for another 2 years, we have some pretty cool camera phones. They take some good pictures and I may put some up every now and again.

By the way Thanksgiving will be served at our house this year. Stop by if you would like. If you are traveling anywhere during the Holiday’s, please be careful I suspect winter will be here early and will be here for a while.


Well we went trick or treating. I did promise pictures and I took some but for some reason the program used to transfer the photos deleted them without transfering them. Needless to say I am a bit upset. Anyway Jessica was pretty cute. She went to a few houses and got some candy. Hopefully the still we took will be just as good. Talk to you later.

Also take note I have added last years Christmas Videos. That is all I have so far. Maybe I will find some time to get so more home videos this winter with things coming to a crawl around here. Well Happy Halloween. Love JT, Steph, and Jessica

Don’t Be Fooled By Emails.

Have you ever gotten an email from your financial institution stating they need you to update your information such as a pin or account number. Well be for warned this is called Internet Phishing. An email’s looking for this information are everywhere. I have witnessed several thousands of dollars being taken from people because they thought it was an LEGIT web site. Number one rule is never reply to a message sent to you regarding your financial information needing to be updated. The Banks have that already!!! Any way read this article from the Computer Shopper “If It Smells Bad, It Must Be Phish. This article gives you a great idea of what to expect and please don’t be fooled.