iPod returned after only 4 days.

Well it took only 4 days for the iPod to break. I was turning it off and placing the buttons in “hold” (this is done because the control wheel can restart the iPod with the slightest movement) and breakage. The “hold” is broken and I returned it back to Circuit City for a full refund.

So Apple that was not cool. They claim to be a better product, but come on only 4 days. I will give them a second chance, more on that later. However, this breakage only solidifies my worries about Apple Products, I have no clue as to what to expect of their product. The worse part is that I wanted to provide feedback of the problem and the support site has yet to list the iPod with Video. Can I expect this from further purchases of Apple products? One thing is for sure the Apple customer service person was friendly and told me exactly how to remedy the problem with two solutions and I was on the phone for only a short time. Also Circuit City “city advantage” coverage rocks, they return everything without a problem. I recommend that store to anybody.

I do have another iPod on its way. This time I went with white 30 gigabyte model. My experience with the 60 gigabyte black model is that scratches show real fast and 60 gigs is way way too much. I can’t complain the iPod when working right allows for Photos, Video, Podcasts, and Music.

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