iOS 6.1: Apple ID Security

The latest version of iOS, iOS 6.1 is out and ready for download. It includes a list of new improvements and bug fixes. I completed an “over the air” update.  After rebooting from the update and clicking through a number of screens the following appeared:

[quote]Protect your Apple ID by creating new security questions and adding a recovery email address.[/quote]

I am not sure if this was related to iCloud, but because I had iCloud set up on my iPhone I proceeded to set three security questions and answers to the questions.  I was then prompted to add a recovery email.  The email was sent to the email address I requested with the following:


One thing I noticed was my iPhone repeatedly prompted me for my password for my Apple ID until I actually verified the address via Apple’s website. I believe the new improvement found in iOS 6.1 may result as a response to the breach of security experienced by Matt Honan in August 2012 regarding his Apple ID.  This in my opinion is a step in the right direction for Apple.

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