Helpful How To: Backing up and/or Syncing iPhone Contacts to Gmail

ContactSync2I use my iPhone as the source of my contact information. When I input a new contact on my iPhone it syncs to iCloud and is made available on all my devices that connect to iCloud. For example when I save a contact on my iPhone, that contact is now available within the Contacts App on my iMac. It is also available to me via the web interface at   In addition to iCloud I use Gmail as a secondary email account.

What I have found over time is if I wanted to create an email in the Gmail web interface, not all my contacts were available. I found that I had to manually export contacts from iCloud and overwrite what was present within Gmail. This process has some consequences, which has included wiping out contacts added via Gmail and not having contacts created in Gmail transferring over to my iCloud contacts. Granted Gmail had a merging function in the contacts area, but I found that Gmail was not always merging as I wanted. I tried to find a way to solve this issue and I found the solution.

The solution came in the form of an iOS App called, Contacts Sync For Google Gmail. This app allows for easily syncing Contacts from your iPhone to your Gmail account as well as from Gmail to iPhone.

What I like about this app:[unordered_list style=”star”]

  • 2-way merging of changes made with your iPhone contacts with Gmail Contacts.
  • Syncing of groups created on Gmail to  iPhone.
  • Shows which contacts will be changed as part of the update, allowing for the option to update or not update a contact.
  • Contacts are now saved exactly the same on iCloud and Gmail, providing a viable backup of your contacts.


The app also allows for variety of settings options to make the App even more robust, which shows the amount of thought that has gone into this App. The App also provides an excellent user guide and a video tutorial that I have included below.

The one item missing from the App is utilization of the Google Authentication App in the “Sign In” process.   Instead the App requires a App specific password process (see when using 2-Step authentication with Gmail.

Contacts Sync For Google Gmail is available in the App Store for $2.99 as a Universal App for both iPhone and iPad. There is also a OS X version available in the Mac App Store for the same low price.

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  1. I back up a lot of data online.  With Gmail in particular I use two-step authentication, so I know my data has an extra layer of protection.  I also used Cloud storage and Cloud Back Ups, they are of course fully encrypted.

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