Top 5 iOS Apps by Battery Used

Recently I deleted the Facebook App from my iPhone.  My reasoning was two fold:

  • first, get back the sanity of life
  • second, force myself to push away from Social Media.

An unexpected result was improved battery on my iPhone X.  I had already have been experiencing great battery life on my iPhone X, but the removal of Facebook kicked it up a notch.

Then I began to think, what are the apps the use the greatest percentage of battery on my iPhone?  I asked a few friends what were the top 5 apps the used the most battery.  For me over the past 7 days it consisted of the following:

  1. Flipboard – 4.4 hours on screen, 7 minutes in the background
  2. Tweetbot – 3.4 hours on screen, 1.7 hours in the background (background usage was interesting)
  3. Messages – 3.9 hours on screen, 2 minutes in the background
  4. Safari – 1.2 house on screen, 0 minutes in the background
  5. Music – 50 minutes on screen, 13.4 hours in the background (this makes since give I listen to music at my desk with the screen off on my iPhone)

Other notable apps using battery are the Home Screen, Mail, ESPN, Photos & Instagram.

Looking at the bigger picture, if I limited Tweetbot, ESPN and Instagram, the majority of Apps I use are default Apple Apps.  If Apple News was better at understanding that I don’t want far left or left news sources to dominate my feed I would certainly use it and eliminate Flipboard, but that will likely not change in the future.

If that is the case I wonder what that means for third party app makers if my usage is similar to those using smartphones? Further if one eliminates all social media apps from a smartphone, what does that mean for society as a whole?

Maybe that last two questions are too deep for a post like this.  With that said what are your top 5 apps by battery used?

Life: Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case (Black)

My new iPhone 6 case arrived a day before my actual iPhone. Here are three shots of the actual case compared to my iPhone 5 size. The iPhone 6 appears to not be much bigger than my iPhone 5, which is why I went with the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 also looks based on the case to fit my hand better. If I had my way I would rather have a smaller sized iPhone.




Technology: T-Mobile WiFi Calling

Update: Looks like WiFi calling on T-Mobile will not be supported on the iPhone 5 after I received clarification from @TMobileHelp

TMobileWiFi Calling

@TMobileUSA confirmed to me via Twitter that WiFi calling will be available on the iPhone 5, 5c, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus once iOS 8 becomes available.

I currently don’t see that feature available on my iPhone 5 running iOS 8 Gold Master, so I am still skeptical.

Life: iPhone 6 Pre-Order Meltdown

Let me first state that I live a privileged life compared to most of the world and not being able to order a $1,000 product from a $2,000 product via $50 a month Internet access is really unimportant, however here I am. It was 1:01am and I hit the refresh screen on the famous Apple Online Store screen, “We’ll Be Back Soon” and the Apple Online Store was still not back. I was also prepared to order my iPhone 6 via my cellular provider T-Mobile and hit refresh on their store and nothing.

Then I was reminded of my 9 plus hour per-ordering process for my iPhone 4S in 2011 and I began to question why I was up in the wee hours of the morning forgoing much needed sleep for a phone that I will eventually own. The problem is the way I am wired I couldn’t see giving up as I had already invested in two and half hours without sleep.

Glued to Twitter I see what progress others were making in their order attempts I found some I follow purchased their iPhone 6 using the iOS Apple Store App.

Of course as a T-Mobile customer it was not possible to order an iPhone through the app as it has never been possible. I am not sure why this is the case, but I am sure there is a good reason in Apple’s eyes. So I kept refreshing the page. I even went as far as to connect via my iPhone hotspot connection just to make sure it wasn’t my ISP’s issue, but still no dice.

This went on until about 2:45am. A few friends were on chatting and one was able to order, again via the iOS Apple Store App as he was an AT&T customer. The other friend was trying to get a T-Mobile phone as well. It was about this time I said to myself that I give up. Angry with Apple I went to bed and mulled over just tossing Apple to the side and move on. Lying in bed I could not sleep so to the Online Apple Store on my iPhone I went. Refreshing for at least another 30 minutes, I  eventually fell asleep. Roughly about 4:15am I woke up in a panic, refreshed the store on the phone again and finally, three hours and 15 minutes later I was in. I rushed to my desk and ordered.

Half out of it I triple checked that the iPhone I was ordering was indeed the 128gb iPhone 6 Space Gray model.  I purchased AppleCare+ and of course a leather case to protect my new precious. I had the choice to ship it to my work office or pick up at my local Apple Store. I ended up having in shipped to my work office. It was then I went back to bed. Later that morning I awoke and got ready for work late and extremely tired. Deciding at that moment I will never attempt this middle of the morning per-order thing again (yeah, riiiight!). After arriving to work I looked to see how Apple was doing with orders and put a test order in to find the same model of phone I lost roughly four hours of sleep over to order.  I found it was still available to order at 9am. Hand to face.

Life: My Weight Loss Attitude

It’s been nearly 18 months since I made the healthy decision to lose weight. I am down nearly 60 pounds and have been able to stay within five to ten pounds of my goal weight since reaching it back in July 2013. By no means am I a health expert, but as I am often asked “how I did it” I thought I would provide insight into my weight loss attitude.


The first thing is losing weight is about being healthy so you have to find what motivates you to get healthy. For me it was about beating diabetes and not letting it control my life.  Fighting it will be a lifetime war.  Right now I am winning the battles and plan to win a majority of them while I am alive. For other people I think the motivation will be much different, but make sure it’s something meaningful.

Diet and Exercise

If you are overweight to obese, the reason you are at this point is because your diet is likely terrible and exercise is limited to nonexistent. You can’t lose weight without a good diet and exercise. It’s very simple really, if you don’t burn more calories than you intake you will not lose weight. Starving yourself to lose weight goes against the reason you wanted to lose weight, which is to be healthier. The same is true about exercise. Also, don’t think being at the gym for two hours will take care of the fast food diet you had that day.

During my weight loss trek I would typically eat a sensible 1,500 calories daily and exercise to a burn rate of 2,500. I never felt hungry or weak. I was tired due to working out six times a week, but that would have been true had I been eating the 3,500 a day I had previously. Also make sure the calorie burn is efficient. In any given day I walk 10,000 steps, which is about 2,500 calorie burn. Most of that can be tied up into mowing the lawn and walking to work. Had I done the same on the elliptical I would have been more productive.

Realistic Expectations

I lost about a pound and a half a week over the course of 9 months. If you think weight loss should be like those on the Biggest Loser TV show, please rest assured it is not. In my first month I lost a total of five pounds. During that period I cut my calorie intake from 3,500 a day to 1,500 and was going to the gym 6 times a day for 60 minutes. I was eating a healthy 1,500 calories, but the weight just didn’t come off. Don’t give up and stay motivated, it’s a hard road to hoe.

Cheat with Caution

I know what you are thinking if I eat X it will put five pounds on me. I thought the same for the first month. I went on the South Beach Diet and didn’t touch bad carbs for that time. I found out later on that it’s okay to have a few slices of pizza or a nice juicy cheese burger. Guess what? It’s okay, so long as it’s no more than once a week. Don’t stress it; don’t beat yourself up over it. Cheating with food doesn’t mean you lost, it simply means for that day you didn’t win the battle, but for the next six you worked the elliptical so hard it broke.

Be Thankful

When you do start to lose weight, you will get compliments. Tell people thank you for noticing. Even if your personality doesn’t take compliments well, just do it, own it, because if you are losing weight you are example for everyone around you. If you aren’t humble enough to appreciate a compliment you’re not setting a good example for others that were where you were.

Celebrate Success

I have done a great deal of things I would have never done when I was bigger. I bought my first two suits this past year. I joined a softball league, walked all around San Francisco to the tune of 50,000 steps in three days. I keep up and at times outpace my 11-year old daughter, for who during the first nine years of her life wore me out.


I am not sure the above is the key to weight lost, but it is how I did it. Nothing fancy, no weight watchers, no special pills, no Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels, and certainly no medical procedure. By the way people ask me all the time what procedure did I have. I call it the hard work and dedication procedure.

As I said before it’s about getting healthier and you can’t go wrong with that.